Mission & Core Values


We are in business to empower indigenous communities through our products and storytelling for a sustainable world.

Our 4 Core Values

  1. We know who we are, where we come from, and we serve who we represent

    The core of how we conduct business honors the cultures that we come from and our connections to the natural world. When our identity is grounded in the land and the people we come from, we move forward imbued with a sense of purpose, strength, humility, and respect.

  2. A business based on reciprocity and balance with our home planet

    The language and cultures that we come from have stewarded the land and waterscapes we call home for millennia. How we make products, how we tell stories, and how we move through these places carries forward these traditions of maintaining balance with the planet we call home.

  3. Adaptability, Excellence and Integrity

    The standards of excellence are ever-changing. Just as we acclimatize to challenging conditions in the natural world, we conduct business with the same approach utilizing ancestral skills to adapt to an industry that is ever-changing. As we navigate spaces, we maintain our integrity and core values.

  4. Hokahey

    Be bold, drop in, and send it.